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Hi! My name is Karen and this is my personal website.

A Short Biography

It Click for a larger Wedding Picturesall started on November 1st, 1975 When Gene Webster & Karen Kellerhouse took that big step and became husband & wife.

Gene and I lived for a short time in Rochester, NY, but soon became disillusioned with city life. We then bought 19 acres of an abandoned farm on a dirt road in Steuben County, NY ("God's Country") where we raised two boys in addition to numerous dogs, cats, ponies, goats, calves, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and a huge garden.

We lived on our farm for 12 years without a telephone and 17 years without the benefit of any other power utilities (no electricity or natural gas). The home we built had a propane refrigerator, a propane cooking stove, kerosene and propane lights, a 12 volt battery operated television, a wood fired heating stove, outdoor "plumbing" and, for the last 5 years, a gasoline powered electric generator.

By the time our older son was to enter 9th grade we had moved to the outskirts of the tiny village of Cohocton, NY where we had all the amenities (i.e. utilities, neighbors, paved roads).

In 2006, after twelve years in Cohocton, our children having grown and left home to start their own families, we celebrated the New Year in the comfortable little house we bought in Springwater, NY, a small hamlet three miles south of Hemlock Lake. Hemlock is not only one of the Finger Lakes, but is one of the city of Rochester's reservoirs and is therefore undeveloped and quite pristine. To our advantage, canoeing, kayaking and fishing are allowed.

We both have had numerous jobs over the years. I have worked in a photo studio, on a tree farm, on an onion farm, in a department store, in a grocery store and in private homecare for the elderly. The latter has led to my getting licensed by New York State as a Certified Nurse's Aide and going to work in a County Government operated Skilled Nursing Facility. Since May 2006 I have worked for the Sisters of Mercy at their long term care facility in Hornell, NY. Gene has been an ironworker, a welder, a self-employed building & remodeling contractor, and is now employed by Wegmans - a large, Rochester, NY based, family owned grocery chain in the Mid-Atlantic states - as a plant maintenance supervisor and receiver. He is also an apprentice level Tattoo Artist.

Click for a larger picture of SethClick for a larger picture of TravisSeth, our older son, is an IT professional at Wegmans main office. He is the Lead Guitarist for The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band (a popular Rochester, NY based Blues Band) and is also an apprentice level Tattoo Artist. Best of all, he is the father of Abigail Rose and Owen Max, our beautiful grandchildren.

Travis, our younger son, was Honorably Discharged from the United States Marine Corps, as a Lance Corporal, stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC, where he drove M1A1 Abrams Tanks. For a time he was a construction worker living in the Jacksonville, NC area, but he has since returned to New York State and now works as an aide at the Steuben County Association for Retarded Citizens in Wayland, NY. Again, best of all, he is the father of Thomas Caleb and Caiden Michael, our beautiful grandsons.

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My Interests

Click for a larger picture of Karen's kayakClick for a larger picture of Fungus ScrimshawMy interests are many. I love the outdoors. I especially like to hike in gorges & gullies. Rocks & minerals and rock formations fascinate me. I love to be on lakes & rivers in any kind of boat - canoes & kayaks in particular. I ride horses & motorcycles. I take pictures & I paint. I also etch pictures on Bracket Fungi (I call this Fungus Scrimshaw) and paint scenes on circular & straight saw blades, some of which I have sold and others I have available for sale. In addition, I custom paint sawblades and etch fungi to order - email me for details.
Click for a larger picture of Painted SawbladeClick for a larger picture of Karen and ChampI have always loved horses and I have owned a few. I have also always loved wolves. When I was a little girl I had "Invisible Wolves" that I led around on strings - I have been known to scare my older sister's friends doing this.


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